Indica Vs. Sativa for Stress 

Stress is something that’s become pretty common in life and a lot of people may choose to use cannabis to help counteract with this. Nearly 705 of people have a lot more stress since the pandemic began. Cannabis can help, and usually, people choose indica. Indica is more of a calming and sativa strain, whereas sativa helps with invigorating the mind and body, offering a more cerebral type of experience that can cause your thoughts to get more and more intrusive, which may not be good if you’re trying to reduce your stress. 

However, there are always different ty[es of strains out there, and while something might be a sativa, it may work well for your stresses which we’ll touch on here. 

Cannabis compounds and Stress 

Why is cannabis sought out for stress? It’s due to the cannabinoids that are in there, which offer a lot of qualities that are potent. THC in small amounts are good for stress, but too much does the opposite. CBD, however, is great for handling stress.  There are other strains that have more CBD than others, so it may be better if it’s a sativa strain with higher CBD. 

CBD of course, is a good body-calming element that helps with reducing stress, but doesn’t have the psychoactive aspects that THC does, and usually won’t give you the euphoric types of results that THC does. That’s why people use CBD for anxiety, stress, seizures even depression. There is THC as well, which is the main provider of those good feelings. It’s natural and has a lot wider of range of different properties that are compared to CBD. It can help with amusement, euphoria, relaxation, humor, and even help to stimulate the appetite. 

Terpenes and Stress 

There’s another compound that can help you choose the right type of strain, and that’s terpenes, which are compounds that are responsible for the components that create an aroma in cannabis. Terpenes do play a larger role in the type of management for stress. There was a recent report that found that nerolidol along with beta caryophyllene are two of the main compounds that are good for relieving stress. You also may want to look for those with myrcene and limonene to help with the soothing feelings and reducing stress. It’s also good to look at your terpene profiles too, since you’re looking to make sure that you’re getting stress relief out of this. Remember though, that everyone’s bodies are different, so while it may help with reducing stress for you, it may not be good for another person. 

It’s good to talk to a pharmacist or a doctor to help you with choosing the right kinds of strains that help you with reducing this. But, if you’re not looking to use cannabis for this, there are still some great options. For starters, try to have a sleep schedule that’s good, and consistent. That way, you’re not increasing the levels of stress that you have. Next, you want activities to calm your mind including meditation, yoga, and others which are god for you. Exercise as well is really good, since it can help to increase the endorphins, which help to reduce the presence of those daily stressors that are bothering you as well and can really help. And of course, make sure you’ve got a good support network with  you too. Friends, family, and even a therapist is good for helping you regularly to help you get started with this. Cannabis can most definitely be used for stress, and there are a lot of great benefits.