Edibles 101 

Edibles are popular for those who are beginner users, and they are really good for those to start out with. Edibles are basically foods infused with cannabis, and they can come in desserts, drinks, and even mints, teas, and in some cases ho sauce. They’re consumed by the mouth, crating longer effects as well. The THC in this is then converted by the liver, which gives it a much longer experience and a more dynamic experience too. They may not taste like cannabis either, depending on if there is a lot of other flavors to this. For beginners to use these it’s good to start low then go up. 

What Makes these different 

What makes these different is that they can sometimes offer a nice taste. They also may have more terpenes, and it does get into the digestive system, then the liver, and eventually the rest of the body. So it may be an hour or more before you feel this, but it also lasts a lot longer. It’s why it tricks people to thinking they’re not working, and why it’s good to start small, and not overtake these as needed. There are also edibles such as lollipops or gum since it does get absorbed under your tongue, and it may work a lot faster. 

Why Edibles? 

You might wonder why edibles, but there are a few benefits to using this if you’re looking to treat specific conditions. First, because it has longer effects, this is good to use before you head to bed. It also has a longer effect due to having to be metabolized in your bloodstream, so it sticks around a whole lot longer. It also makes micro dosing a lot easier, especially if you’re new to the realm of edibles and want to make sure that you’re getting the right amounts. It also doesn’t need to be used as a vape or smoke product, so it’s a good way for you to try out marijuana products to see if it’s good for you. 

Types of Edibles 

Edibles are available in medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. They do have different types of products, a high dosage form, and even some potency that does vary. While there are a lot of edible types, they usually come in certain main options. First is gummies. They are infused with a distillate of THC. They usually are about 2-10 mg a piece, but some do go longer. Hard candies such as lozenges or even a sucker do act a little bit differently, so it’s absorbed underneath your tongue or cheek. 

There are also cannabis beverages.  This is something that’s kind of new, but it comes in teas, beers, wines, and even sodas.  They don’t normally have alcohol in them though, but instead the taste, which some people like. There are also tinctures, which are usually alcohol based, and are taken underneath the tongue for fast-acting experiences. 

Finally, there is food. Cookies, brownies, chips, pasta sauce, really anything, there’s a lot of food edibles. They can be purchased, and you also may want to get these THC-infused products if you are a cook and would like to make your own cannabis edibles directly from your home. It’s best to take these with a little bit of food so that it’s not too strong, and you may want to take a small amount, since your tolerance may not be very high.If you don’t feel anything after a little bit, take a bit more, but remember that these are strong, and they do take a little bit of time before it acts.