What to Know About Psychedelic Cannabis 

If you’ve heard of magic mushrooms, you probably wonder if they have anything to do with psychedelic cannabis. They don’t have similarities, but pretty much psychedelic cannabis offer a more cerebral experience, and it can cause a bit of an overload if you’re not careful. Psychedelic strains aren’t the top sellers everywhere, but sometimes they do sell out quickly, but some may buy a bud because they’re on sale, or maybe they’re seeded, and then, they have stronger effects than they knew of. If you want to have psychedelic strains, that’s fine, or you might want to avoid these. Here, we’ll go over everything to know about psychedelic cannabis. 

What Makes Them this way

What most don’t think of is the effects, we just think it’s ketamine or psilocybin, one of which is legalized for therapeutic uses, but the other is decriminalized in some states. Cannabis does make you feel a high sensation, and usually the result depends on the cannabis type. Sativa strains make you feel energetic, alert, happy, and creative. Indica will help with pain, stress, and also help with anxiety and make you sleepy. There is also another part of this that helps with the entourage effect, which is pretty much where the flavonoids and the terpenes also work to offer better medicinal results with this, and it can help with the effects of this. 

Psychedelic plants of course are flowery plants that create psychedelic responses when consumed. Passionflower, magic truffles and mushrooms, kanna, morning glory, and peyote are examples, and they’ve been used in healing and practices for a long time. There are even toads that offer psychedelic sensations, but they are of course, very poisonous. Psychedelics in terms of cannabis are essentially creating similar effects, such as hallucination, but this is something that can sometimes be avoided since a lot of people would prefer to be calm and happy rather than experiencing psychoactive results from their highs.

Common Effects of This 

There are certain effects that happen with cannabis strains, and right now, we can’t possibly guarantee the effects. You may not know what types of psychoactive effects are there, and it might affect you based on your body weight, the tolerance you have, and other factors. If you don’t know how it’ll react, it’s important to be mindful, but here, we’ll talk about some of the common effects. The first, is a shift in the spacetime continuum, which means that you feel like time has completely stopped or rushed forward when it hasn’t. The second is tired arms and legs, and usually a couch-lock.  Think tank controls in older Resident Evil games, chances are that’s the sensation you’re feeling. 

There also cotton mouth and nausea, which can sometimes be a common problem, and it can cause you to feel this way for a long time. It also may increase your heart rate, so if you do have cardiovascular issues, you might want to be mindful of that before you consume this strain of cannabis. And finally, there is the “out of body” experience that happens in cannabis, and it can be both pleasant, and terrifying, depending on the chemistry of the brain.

It may feel like you’re completely liberated, and you also may panic in some cases. It also may make you feel anxious about sounds that you hear outside too. If you feel like this is happening, you may want to be mindful of the use. You should talk to of course the person you’re getting it from if you want to avoid this, especially if you don’t like this kind of high.