Cannabis Vs. Psilocybin for Producing Results 

Cannabis along with psilocybin have a history together in the realm of plant medicine to help expand your consciousness and everything. In the decades before drug prohibition there was a lot of information on what this played in development of the body and mind. People are slowly going back to this, and there are researchers who are gathering good hard data that backs this up as good tools for your body, mind, and even the soul. 

Are they similar? 

Those who want a more deeper look at the differences can look elsewhere, but in general psilocybin is mostly a component found in magic mushrooms whereas cannabis has THC. Both have different uses, and a lot of different states that come from this. But they’re both considered entheogens in most cases, which can help create almost spiritual or religious natures in the person. 

The Uses 

Both of these do blur that space between spiritual medicine and recreational drugs, but based on the dosages and setting, there is evidence that both of these were used in religious practices to produce states of spiritual or religious types. This dates even back to before Christianity as it was used, and this was also used in ancient China, and also a nomadic people that lived in Eurasia. 

Another professor found that cannabis was a big part of anointing oil used b priests, and it’s even been recreated to showcase the potency. There is also evidence that shows the way magic mushrooms were used in Christianity, even going so far as painting Jesus as someone the ancient Christians worshipped while using magic mushrooms in their fertility rites. The theory does have a lot of ridicule, but there is some scholars that do like this theory. 

Their similarities 

They are becoming easier to look into, since there are now changing views on the prohibiting of drugs, and scientists want to research the effect these psychedelics have on people. Cannabis is also legal in other states and is more accessible. A lot of research is finding that these psychedelics used in rituals do show that there is a possibility of suppressing mental illness symptoms and even helping with trauma and has been used to aid those with depression and even PTSD. There’s also research that shows that cannabis and magic mushrooms also are good for those that are trying to get treated for clinical depression. They also are similar in how they treat mental health issues with serotonin, since both work with the serotonin receptors and can markedly help with depression and improving the mood. 

The Differences 


The biggest one is that psilocybin is not easy to get, and is more secretive and black market, whereas cannabis is a lot more accepted. Psilocybin is also more for spiritual healing, and usually, with these states, they’re able to usually help with big revelations. Cannabis is of course, is usually more of a relaxing element, or even just reducing pain as well.  Cannabis can, however, sometimes produce similar psychedelic feelings as well. 

While there are similarities in some cases, there are some differences but both of them, since they are plant medicine, do have some major healing properties, because he natural substances in this, and how they effect the bodies. The treatment is also usually different too. Psilocybin is usually done blindfolded with headphones on and the trip sitters that are there to create a really insightful and joyous experience. Cannabis is usually taken on your own without anyone sitting in, and usually helps with the side effects or to feel better as well.